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Live, Learn and Enjoy is the U3A Maitland motto. Universities of the Third Age, or U3As as they are more often called, are voluntary, non-profit organisations which aim to offer people educational and social opportunities operating in a pleasant and supportive setting. U3As are basically self-help groups built on the premise that collectively older people have the skills and knowledge to provide learning opportunities for themselves.

Whats New

Scam calls claiming your Amazon Prime account has been hacked or that your account needs to be updated are doing the rounds. If you receive these calls hang up immediately and never share personal or financial information over the phone.

New Activities
There are 13 new activities on offer
1WA05 : Beginners Bowls
3MA06 : Book Club - With A Difference
3WA02 : Cell Biology
3WA03 : Church History 2
2WA06 : Family History For Beginners
3WA05 : Help With Your Devices (phone-tablet-laptop)
3WP02 : Landscape Art Lessons
4WA05 : Maitland Floods
4WA07 : Move It - Moderate Walk
3WA04 : Puppetry 101
4WA04 : Tai Chi For Beginners
4WA06 : Talking Philosophically
4WA08 : Toward Thinking More Philosophically

More information can be found within the Activities section.


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Newest Members

Please welcome our newest 15 members.

Janice Payne
Ruth Thomas
Joy Palmer
Judy Clack
Robyn Ricketts
Brian Wilkinson
Noel Kirkwood
Margaret Kirkwood
Annette Piercy
John Coulthard
Wayne Hearne
Sheree Geyregger
Dianne Speering
Chris Berns
Susan Berne

Membership Anniversaries

5th Anniversay.

Jenny Cornish
Kris Freeman
Heather McNamara
Alan Pring

4th Anniversay.

David Baird
Joy Brown
Sue Davies
Jan Ellison
Robyn Fewins
Eileen Garry
David Johns
Malcolm Manwaring
Elizabeth Nugent
Helen O'Brien
John Ormandy
Bernadette Williams

3rd Anniversay.

Jeanette Adams
Torben Christensen
Katie Clarke
Ian Clarke
Helen Fredsall
Judi Harris
Jennifer Lawrence
Kaye Leyland
Margaret Paterson
Barbara Shields-Brown
Ian Shields-Brown
Linsey Sims
Mimi Sims
Robyn Uhlhorn

2nd Anniversay.

Fiona Bell
Ken Dark
Sharon Davies
Bill Gow
Don Grant
Janis Holmes
Graham Hutchings
Lynne Kjeldstadli
Trish Ling
Jill Mason
Debra Masters
Norm Provost
Barbara Read
John Read
Ursula Reinhard
Annette Robertson
Ruth Stubbs
Dennis Thompson
Greig Uhlhorn
Lance Watson
Anne Wheelhouse
Judy White
Anne Wilson
Jenny Winsor

1st Anniversay.

Jenny Crossland
Steve House
Diane Macfarlane
Judi Moore
Gwen Murrell
Mary Renwick
Errol Singer
Michelle Singer
Eileen Stanczak
Carlene Taylor
Ann Thornton