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Courses can include history, belly dancing, literature, environmental and other current issues, travel, family history, computer groups and book groups. Courses depend on the availability of course leaders. As well as a wide range of courses U3A Maitland also has social events like excursions, monthly lunches, and coffee mornings.

U3A Maitland is a non-religious, apolitical organisation. We do not provide advice on health, finance, or other matters requiring professional expertise and input. The courses/activities provided will not be used for fund-raising purposes.

Courses are open to all financial members. The majority of the courses require that you have submitted an enrolment form to nominate which courses that you would like to attend.

All financial members are posted or emailed a Course Program twice a year listing all courses with the enrolment form enclosed.

We are committed to giving all enrolled members equity of access to their selected course. However, due to limited capacity, because of restricted course numbers, venue limitations or where a popular course is oversubscribed, you will be placed on the waiting list. The course leader will contact you if a vacancy becomes available.

Courses last from one session to about 16 sessions per semester (half-year). Each session generally lasts 1 ½ hours and classes are usually held once a week. Most courses are held during the day on week days.

Most courses are led by members or sometimes by non-members who have a special interest to deliver a course. In U3A Maitland the course leader or presenter may be somewhat like a teacher or lecturer, or a facilitator, or a convenor. Creating participation and a friendly social environment are the key attributes of a U3A Maitland course leader.
Members are encouraged to lead courses because without course leaders U3A could not function. If you are interested in leading a course contact the Course Coordinator. No formal academic qualifications are needed to deliver U3A Maitland courses.

U3A Maitland does not assert ownership of Intellectual Property (IP) in Course and Educational Materials, Creative Works or Scholarly Works created or developed by Tutors, Presenters or Guest Speakers unless the Intellectual Property is the result of work specifically commissioned by U3A Maitland.

Participants on all courses and presentation must respect the Intellectual Property of Tutors at all times including refraining from unauthorised photographic, audio or video recording and unauthorised use or dissemination of Intellectual Property to third parties.

The nature of the course depends on the course leader but generally courses are relaxed and informal so that members can enjoy learning with people their own age and with similar interests. There are no exams.

Most courses are held within the Maitland area using some of the facilities within the area i.e. libraries, clubs and art galleries.

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U3A provides a broad range of activities, courses and social events to pursue. We help retirees stay social and enjoying life. Contact our committee today to become a member.

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