U3A Member Etiquette

Please help the Management Committee and course leaders to help you get the most enjoyment out of U3A Maitland courses (and other activities) by following some simple etiquette.

When attending a class or other U3A Maitland function:

  • Wear your name badge.
    Initial the rollbook to record your attendance, this is important for insurance purposes.
  • Be respectful of others in the class, including the leader.
  • Ensure your mobile phone is either off or set to silent, if you receive an important call, excuse yourself and take the call away from the class.
  • Comply with all safety instructions given by the leader or course clerk, including signing acknowledgement of risk or other health and safety management paperwork.
  • Lend a hand with setting up the room, putting chairs away at the end, or distributing handouts.

Let your course leader or course clerk (if there is one) know if you:

  • Have any health issues that might affect your ability to engage in class activities, especially regarding joints and your back.
  • Need to miss one or more sessions of the course, to do this you can either email, SMS, phone or use the Course Attendance page when you sign into the website.
  • Are dropping out, regardless of the reason.

If a member enrolled in a course does not attend three concurrent sessions and does not notify the course leader or course clerk, the course leader can withdraw the member enrolment in that course for the remainder of the year. It is therefore important to keep the leader or the clerk informed of your intention to continue with the course if you cannot attend for a prolonged period.

Please let the course leader or Course Coordinator know if a course is not what you expected and/or not consistent with the description in the course program or on the Activities page of the website. Your feedback helps U3A Maitland to improve its courses and activities.

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