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Course Leaders

U3A Maitland wishes to thank our tireless Course Leaders, and Course Clerks, for all their work.

Carolyn Algie3WA05 Help With Your Devices (phone-tablet-laptop)
Jan Atkinson3MA01 Coffee Club 1
Dr Jeanne Boote4WA06 Talking Philosophically
4WA08 Toward Thinking More Philosophically
Kathy Coombe3MA03 Movies & Munch
1WA04 Move It - Brisk Walk
2WA05 Move It - Long Walk
3MA06 Book Club - With A Difference
4WA07 Move It - Moderate Walk
Maree Farrelly2WA06 Family History For Beginners
Linda Feenan2WA01 Balance & Bones
3MA05 Coffee Club 2
3WP01 Healthy Eating
Barbara Gow4WA03 Scrabble
Ann Grant
4WP01 Mah Jong
Mark Griffiths1WA05 Beginners Bowls
Lee Hearne4WA02 Stitching Creatively
Kim House5MA01 Book Club
Chas Keys4WA05 Maitland Floods
Ron King5WA01 Croquet (Morning) #1
3WA01 Croquet (Morning) #2
Heather McNamara2WA03 Art Group
Harriette Meijbaum4WA01 Meditation & Relaxation
Helen Morgan3WP02 Landscape Art Lessons
Peter Morrison
1WP01 What's Current
1WA03 History's Mysteries
Frank Oakes3WA04 Puppetry 101
Dr John Page3WA02 Cell Biology
3WA03 Church History 2
Claire Philp2MA01 Garden Gambol
Alan Pring4WA04 Tai Chi For Beginners
Brenda Proudfoot1WA01 Writing For Pleasure
5WA03 Cryptic Crosswords For Beginners
Janet Read1WA02 Tap Dance
Anne Robinson2WP01 Ukulele--Continuing The Ukulele
2WA04 Ukulele--An Introduction
David Taylor3MA02 Men's Breakfast
Trish Taylor3MA04 Ladies Breakfast Club
Dennis Thompson5WA02 Easy Walking
Irena Watson2WA02 Belly Dance For Fun & Fitness
Peter Wilson
(Vice President)
5MP01 Lunch Club
Sheila Yarwood2WP02 Play Canasta