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Course Leaders

U3A Maitland wishes to thank our tireless Course Leaders, and Course Clerks, for all their work.

Carolyn Algie3WA05 Help With Your Devices (phone-tablet-laptop)
Jan Atkinson3MA01 Coffee Club 1
Dr Jeanne Boote4WA06 Talking Philosophically
4WA08 Toward Thinking More Philosophically
Kathy Coombe3MA03 Movies & Munch
1WA04 Move It - Brisk Walk
2WA05 Move It - Long Walk
3MA06 Book Club - With A Difference
4WA07 Move It - Moderate Walk
Maree Farrelly2WA06 Family History For Beginners
Linda Feenan2WA01 Balance & Bones
3MA05 Coffee Club 2
3WP01 Healthy Eating
Barbara Gow4WA03 Scrabble
Ann Grant
4WP01 Mah Jong
Mark Griffiths1WA05 Beginners Bowls
Kim House5MA01 Book Club
Chas Keys4WA05 Maitland Floods
Ron King5WA01 Croquet (Morning) #1
3WA01 Croquet (Morning) #2
Heather McNamara2WA03 Art Group
Harriette Meijbaum4WA01 Meditation & Relaxation
Helen Morgan3WP02 Landscape Art Lessons
Peter Morrison
1WP01 What's Current
1WA03 History's Mysteries
Frank Oakes3WA04 Puppetry 101
Dr John Page3WA02 Cell Biology
3WA03 Church History 2
Claire Philp
(Leaders Liaison)
2MA01 Garden Gambol
Alan Pring4WA04 Tai Chi For Beginners
Brenda Proudfoot1WA01 Writing For Pleasure
5WA03 Cryptic Crosswords For Beginners
Janet Read1WA02 Tap Dance
Anne Robinson2WP01 Ukulele--Continuing The Ukulele
2WA04 Ukulele--An Introduction
David Taylor3MA02 Men's Breakfast
Trish Taylor3MA04 Ladies Breakfast Club
Dennis Thompson5WA02 Easy Walking
Irena Watson2WA02 Belly Dance For Fun & Fitness
Peter Wilson
(Vice President)
5MP01 Lunch Club
Sheila Yarwood2WP02 Play Canasta