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Welcome the U3A Maitland community. We are a diverse group of people who are semi-retired or retired who enjoy getting out and about with other members of our community.

We are an apolitical, non-religious, not-for-profit organisation whose members enjoy meeting other people with in the Maitland area. We also love our coffee as most activities end with ‘going for a cuppa’ afterwards.


U3A Maitland offers two types of payment of annual fees.

  1. Full payment of $50.00 for each member for a full calendar year.
  2. Two instalments of $25.00 per member every 6 months (January and July).

It is necessary for you to ensure that you are a fully paid member to attend our courses/activities.

If you are unsure of your financial status then you can always contact the Treasurer, the Enrolment Officer or Sign In to the web site and view ‘My Profile’ section.


We offer a diverse range of activities that you can enjoy. As a new member you might want to join in quite a few of these activities.  Try to limit yourself to one course per day. If you are unsure of what courses would suit you then our Enrolment Officer or Course Liaison Officer will be able to help.

You may even consider starting your own course. All of our courses are based on several people who have the same interest. If you are interested then have a talk with our Course Coordinator. They will help you with the wording that goes into the Course Program, dates and time for your course and recommend some venues that would best suit your course (see  Become A Leader for more information).

When attending a Course/Activity always wear your badge. It is a good way of letting people know your name.

Enrolling in Activities/Course

We issue 2 Course Programs and 2 Enrolment Forms each year. The first issue is in January and covers the entire year. The second issue is an update of issue 1 with any new course/activities for the remainder of the year.


We try to keep the correspondence to a minimum. Each of the following emails are prefixed with ‘U3AMaitland:’ in the subject line so you can set up and email rule to file them automatically for you. The main correspondence that we do send out is

Course Confirmations:   this is done before the start of each term to let you know what courses that you are enrolled in. This email/letter lists the courses, venue and the Course Leader contact details.

Newsletter:                  this is published only when the Newsletter Editor thinks that there is enough meaningful content. We get complaints that the Newsletter isn’t frequent enough.

You are more than welcome to submit items to be published in our newsletter. You can contact our Newsletter Editor to discuss the article that you want published (no political, religious or advertising will be accepted).

When you enrol in our courses the Course Leader may email you regarding that course that they are running.


If you Sign In you are given access to even more information. As a new member your Sign In details is your Badge Number. You will be prompted to update your password and check your details on the page before you continue onto the rest of the site.

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